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The Butterfly: A Journey to Transformation

Butterflies are one of the prettiest creatures you can find on Earth. Whenever I see one, I can’t help but marvel at its tiny stained glass-like wings fluttering around. Who could have thought this wonderful creature has undergone unattractive and difficult phases? Then I began to think about how butterflies and we, humans, are alike. 

Each one of us at one time or another goes through “metamorphosis” or a transformation and becomes a new person. Especially as a new, young, single, and struggling mother.  This transformation might take time but the end result is always worth it. Sometimes, transformation can also be painful, triggered by agonizing experiences, but we should not give up. In life, God lets us encounter trials and hardships to bring out the better versions of ourselves, just like a caterpillar needs to be inside a dark cocoon to be a butterfly.

As a butterfly starts as an egg, we also start in a fragile and delicate state. We need nourishment and protection for growth. Some people show a facade, put up barriers, and pretend to be okay.  However, all of us need support, be it physically, mentally, emotionally, etc.  As a single parent, we feel we have to be strong and protect ourselves, even when we are struggling internally and feel that we can break at any time.  But we push through it, moving to the next phase, the caterpillar.

 As a caterpillar, we are slowly moving, always eating and exploring. There are parts of our lives that we find difficult to digest like the shame or embarrassment we may feel because of our current situation of single parenting, society’s labels about who you are, taking care of a child while going to school or working, and letting go of unhealthy relationships. There are also things we digest and explore that help us to grow.  Support from family and friends, groups and programs that help to build us up for the journey ahead.  But we must disconnect ourselves from unpleasant habits, thoughts, places, and people that hinder our growth, just as a caterpillar perseveres to outgrow its skin and continues to move to the next phase, a pupa.

Being a pupa is the period in our life where everything seems so dark and we build a protective shell, our cocoons, to prepare for the next stage of life. We are wondering what’s next after this dark period. Sometimes, we can’t see the light. Even though we may not know when the light will come, we are striving to live, holding on to the hopes and aspirations we have for ourselves and our children. Knowing we have a purpose.


The final stage is a butterfly. We transform from a fragile delicate person to a mature, strong, uniquely made one. We can say that we are now the upgraded versions of ourselves. At first, we don’t know how to use our wings, we are not yet aware of our potential. But this journey, however long, has helped us to realize our true capabilities. No one can stop us from flying. We can’t wait to land on different opportunities that will not only be beneficial to us but also to our children and the people around us. 

"The Caterpillar to Butterfly transformation is about perseverance and hope. We, like the caterpillar, will grow up, unfold our wings and fly off into the future. It will be hard, and choices we have made may not be easy to digest, but with time and metamorphosis, we can transform into a beautiful butterfly; Reaching our excellence and living your purpose.”

What stage do you think you are in right now.? Are you still an egg, still very fragile in this new phase of motherhood; a caterpillar, taking it all in, consuming and exploring all options, even though some things may be hard to digest; a pupa, feeling lost in the darkness, trying to find the light; or a butterfly, stretching your wings and experiencing opportunities? No matter what phase you are in, remember that you are destined for excellence and purpose. So don’t give up. There is a brighter future ahead of you. Keep going. 

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