Catching My Breath

Catching My Breath

Sometimes we all need a break from everything.  To pause and catch our breath.  This Blog will be short, as I take a knee and catch my breath.


I have recently returned from an overseas in Egypt.  It was a very unique once in a lifetime experience to be there for 2 years.  I learned a lot, met new people, and built new relationships. 

In the last few of months, I have been preparing to depart from Egypt and return to the States.  In that time, many things occurred. Completing turnover, continuity, saying see you later and goodbye.  Sorting what I will pack to last for 3 months while I await my household goods to arrive in the states. 

Upon my arrival back to the States, My youngest son picked me up from the airport and we went straight to the family reunion.  I had the opportunity to see my Mom, sister, brother, cousins and other family again, as well as be introduced to extended family I had not yet met. 

My mother celebrated my return with a welcome home and promotion celebration and delayed promotion celebration.  It was great time, but I was also exhausted. 


Waiting for my car to be repaired after sitting for 2 years.  Driving half-way across the country to my next duty station.  Trying to figure out whether to buy or rent when I arrive.  Trying to figure out what area I will live in and trying to do it in the 10 days given to me. 

So, I am catching my breath.  Resetting myself, recalibrating my priorities as I settle into a new job and new area and to finding a new church.


When your environment changes, you have to make adjustments.  It can seem overwhelming.  Take a moment to catch your breath.  Re-Center yourself.  Refocus on your goals and purpose.  Then work to be your best at it. Letting God take care of the rest. 

Until Next time. 

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